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Our How to Guides provide important information for lighting your fire, maintaining your appliance over the summer months, where to store your solid fuel and plenty more.

How to dry coal
Drying the fuel is relatively simple, if the fuel has been delivered loose and has been placed into a bunker the advice is to prop the lid open to allow air circulation.
How do I light my coal fire?
Lighting a coal fire needn't be a challenge. The secret to a great fire is to create a small combustion chamber that your fire can take hold of, and quickly grow to a high temperature.
How to light a log fire
We've got some top tips on how to light the perfect log fire.
How to keep your fire and chimney safe
Simple steps that will help keep you, your fire and your home safe…
How to put your stove to bed for the summer
Summer is a great time to give your multi-fuel stove or wood burner some tender loving care with an annual maintenance check. Ensuring it’s in perfect working order now means you’ll be able to use it straightaway during that first cold night of winter.
How to prevent your stove glass from turning black
Here's some advice on what to do if the stove glass on your appliance starts to blacken with a layer of soot or dirt.
How to stay safe from Carbon Monoxide
Everything you need to know about staying safe from Carbon Monoxide
How should I store my coal?
When it comes to storing coal, sometimes it’s good to think outside the box... or the bunker!
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