Why is it so important to only burn washed coal?

We only sell washed house coal. This means that all of our coal has been washed of impurities which include soil, stones, and in extreme cases, machine parts or tools used during the mining process.

What are the risks of burning unwashed coal?

  • Potentially dangerous
  • Highly inefficient
  • Creates high levels of smoke and pollutants
  • You’re paying for dirt and stones

The main risk of burning unwashed coal is the presence of stones. Once heated, stones could spit out of the fire and cause damage to your furnishings and fireplace, break glass on the stove, hit people and cause injuries and burns, and in extreme cases could lead to a house fire.

Because of the high level of impurities in unwashed coal it will also burn less efficiently, increasing the amount of smoke and pollutants, and causing you to use more fuel than usual to obtain your desired temperature.

Always confirm with your supplier that your coal has been washed. Though unwashed coal is generally cheaper than washed coal, it is of much lower quality and much more likely to cause serious damage to your home or person.

When buying from us you can be assured of the highest quality washed coal, and that what you see on the bag, is what you’ll find in the bag, with no nasty surprises.

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