Welsh Anthracite Grains

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A natural smokeless fuel, ideal for use in solid fuel appliances such as gravity and hopper-fed boilers.

Welsh Anthracite Grains

Highest quality black diamond smokeless coal – 25kg

Anthracite is a naturally smokeless product and CPL's Black Diamond Welsh Anthracite Premium Grains is long lasting, low flame, low ash - and suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas. Anthracite grains are ideal for gravity fed and hopper fed boilers.
Smaller than Anthracite Beans, Anthracite Grains have a consistent size and quality.
Anthracite Grains is highly dependable and reliable solid fuel, providing a uniform flame at consistently high temperatures.

  • Provides an intense, long-lasting fire
  • Burns with a high heat and low flame
  • Highly dependable performance
  • Consistent size and quality
  • Produces very little ash
  • Suitable for smokeless zones
More Information
Ash Content Very Low
Smokeless Yes
Smoke Emissions Less than 5g per hour
CO2 Saving Zero
HETAS Approved Yes
Appliance Gravity Fed Cooker
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